5 Secret to Learning how to make a relationship last

how-to-make-a-relationship-lastInitiating a relationship is a big excitement & fun. But how to make a relationship last is a matter of great efforts and hard work. Once you succeed in settling down in a relationship, you have to continue it in the same state along with an honest communication flow & continue to protect and care it with the time you share with your loved one.

How to make a relationship last isn’t fun always, but the advantages you reap from maintaining a long term committed relationship over rules the difficulties you might come across to make your relationship last forever.

If you are on your way to look for how to make a relationship last simply follow the below mentioned 5 secret to Learning how to make a relationship last.

Tip #1 Take out time for romance-

Try to organize “date night” once in a week. No matter “date night” seems forced but you should spend a quality time together at-least once a week to make your relationship strong. You can also choose to cook dinner together, go out to watch movies & do something creative each time to spice up relationship. Maintain a seductive atmosphere by playing soft romantic music & lighting up few aromatic candles.

No matter what you do, make sure both of you interact well during that time. In order to spend quality time alone, drop other plans if any and say “NO” to others at “date nights.” Make sure that you look presentable, express your love & complement each other.

Tip #2 Take out sometime to make love once a week-

Do not follow a calendar but make a constant effort to make love once a week. Disregard of how much you are tired after long working hours, making love once a week helps to maintain intimacy & helps you to stay close to your partner. It is also advised to spend some time kidding & cuddling each other. So that it doesn’t seem like you are looking for “sex” always.

Tip #3 Take out quality time to talk to each other-

No matter how much you get crazy with your busy working schedule. Make efforts to interact with each other on daily basis. Set aside some time to talk with each other during dinner. And if you are away you may also choose to talk over the phone.

This helps you to build a habit of knowing how your partner’s day was like. Avoid boring each other by sharing even the minute details of your lives. Try to set aside at least 15-20 minutes every day to catch-up & remind each other how much you miss & love each other.

Tip #4 Be honest and true to each other-

Being honesty and true in a relationship helps to keep your relationship last. Always try to be honest & open with your partner. Share your feelings & intimate thoughts. Never hesitate to tell your partner if he/she disappointed you and then try to work over your problems.

Share your disappointments like you share your feelings with each other to improve your relationship. Honesty and truthfulness is always one of the best policies to choose from. For instance, if you do not like one of her new friends who are a kind of annoying, tell them in order to be honest, don’t keep it to yourself. But you must always remember that your honesty will only be appreciated when your partner has enough time to listen to you.

Relationship-AdviceTip #5 Learn to compromise in a relationship-

To make a relationship stronger “being-happy is more important than being-right”. You must learn to make decisions together & find ways to be happy with those decisions. But you must also learn how to do it. While taking decisions state their importance to both of you and rate them on a scale of 1-10.

Be creative and thoughtful. While deciding take time to discuss the pros & cons and take steps to meet halfway. Allow your girl to pick a movie if you are picking for a date-night. Make sure that compromises are done by both the partners.


Make your partner feel special to make your relationship stronger. Be yourself and be honest to express what you actually feel. Don’t change your attitude and don’t be rude with your partner. Similarly do not try to change them as well because it can worsen things in a long run.Remember that it is not about you always. Avoid rush.

Avoid getting too much attached to close friends or other people of the opposite sex. Avoid talking about them always and bore your partner. Because it can make your partner insecure and making them feels insecure this ultimately ends up in ruining the relationship.

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